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Post by Matteo Schiavinato on Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:21 pm

Hi everybody!
I hope you will enjoy this forum. Smile

It would be nice if everybody presents him/herself when registering, so I will start:

I am Matteo, I'm italian from Montebelluna, which is between the Alps and Venice, in the North-East.
I studied for both the Bachelor and the Master degree in Padova (Italy), and I graduated in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics last September (2015) with a thesis on splicing in human assessed through RNASeq and Bioinformatics means.

I currently work in the group of Heinz Himmelbauer, and I speak fluently Italian, English and Python 2.7 (Scholastic German and R). My skills are mainly in coding, everything that is ubuntu-related, Big Data analysis, sequencing data and biostatistics. In my project I am preparing all the genome-wide genomic and epigenomic data so that you wetlabbers will have a common framework to use. If you ever have a problem such as "how can I quickly analyze these numbers without doing it manually?" come to daddy.

In my free time I make music, I run a very little music label for underground alternative electronic music (represented in my avatar), sometimes I DJ here and there, and I am especially a guitarist since I was a child. Besides that, I love sports and make a lot of it, and I'm a martial artist.

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